More Than Just a Speech

When Matt Mayberry speaks at your event, you get much more than just a speech. For starters he does not believe in canned speeches. For this reason, he considers each speaking engagement to have three phases: Discovery and Pre-Work; the Speech; and Follow Through.

Discovery and Pre-Work

Long before Matt arrives to speak to your group he will spend hours understanding your company and the unique opportunities and challenges you face at this time. He will have strategy sessions, phone calls, and conduct interviews with key members of your team to learn how his speech fits into the overall success of the event, and he will use this input to sculpt a message that resonates with your audience long after the event ends.

The Speech

By the time Matt is ready to take the stage, you can be sure he will be thoroughly prepared to deliver a message that will engage, inspire, and create an unforgettable experience.

Follow Through

Most of all, Matt believes that some of his most important work is done long after the audience has ceased their applause, long after the event is over, when we are all back home.

One of the offerings that sets Matt apart from other speakers are the resources and opportunities he offers to clients to use in the weeks and months that follow the event. These resources are easy to use and disseminate, and they provide a practical way to allow the message to live on long after the event. These resources also allow the message from your event to cascade down through the organization to people who were not there.

Matt is willing to write articles, create personalized videos, and conduct webinars and conference calls to name a few of the many ways he can add value once the event comes to an end.


Matt took the time prior to his presentation to really understand our company and implement specialized content in his speech. To wrap up Matt’s presentation in a few words: Knocked it out of the park.” -Keith Lawson, Dupont Pioneer Sales Manager


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