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Engaging people. Creating unforgettable experiences. Maximizing Performance.

Matt Mayberry helps individuals and organizations all over the world dominate and maximize performance levels. Each live event is an unforgettable experience for every audience that he speaks to. He inspires audiences with a combination of powerful stories, current research, and past experiences from his own life and athletic success that resonate long after each event comes to an end. Learn more about Matt Mayberry

Get in-depth motivation to fuel your dreams and maximum performance insights and training

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  • Matt’s passion, sincerity and honesty of his journey connected with our team immediately.  He inspired each individual with not only his personal story but also through his practical exercises to go to work on themselves daily and think about what that impact would have on the overall organization. With his strategic goal setting plan (which the whole room wrote down) and engagement with the audience, we all walked away inspired to become the best version of ourselves and grow as an organization.

    Jenna Parmater, Learning and Development Coordinator for Collins Community Credit Union
  • Matt Mayberry’s intensely powerful and gripping presentation mesmerized our members. You could hear a pin drop. His provocative ideas and strategies are wise beyond his years. Matt not only uplifted our attendees, but he left them filled with hope and actionable content that will transform their personal and professional lives.

    Shela Lahey, Executive Vice President of Northern Illinois Homebuilders Association
  • The Shareholder Services Association (SSA) was very honored to have Matt Mayberry serve as the keynote speaker for our annual conference. Matt’s presentation was entertaining, uplifting, and inspiring. Each attendee learned daily habits which will assist them as they grow into the leader they seek to become. If you are searching for an entertaining and thought provoking speaker for your event, Matt Mayberry is simply the best.

    Abby Cowart, Executive Director of The Shareholder Services Association
  • Matt completely captivated our audience and left us with the notion to believe that the future really is bigger than the past, no matter what our current circumstances are. Members are still commenting and praising Matt’s talk. He made our annual event memorable and special.

    Jeanette Baumann, Executive Vice President of Downey Association of Realtors
  • Matt brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to his presentation. Our sales team was re-energized and able to take away key ideas and strategies from Matt’s presentation that will increase our performance. Matt took the time prior to his presentation to really understand our company and implement specialized content in his speech. To wrap up Matt’s presentation in a few words: Knocked it out of the park.

    Keith Lawson, DuPont Pioneer Sales Manager
  • Right away, Matt connected with our group with his passion and sincerity. His personal story is gripping, powerful and inspirational in its own right. Looking for a great keynote speaker can be a daunting task, but Matt was an absolute home run in this regard! Our group left Matt’s presentation inspired, energized and armed with practical strategies that we could apply to our own lives immediately. Thank you Matt!

    Pete Rutili, Partner at ACME World Sports
  • On behalf of USA Hockey Pacific District Player Development, I want to thank Matt for elevating the performance of our athletes. It was an incredibly inspiring message with a great sense of optimism and what it really takes to be great and dominate. Matt’s ability to connect with the audience is terrific and we look forward to watching his “domination” in life.

    USA Hockey
  • A man who’s found his purpose, with a presence that commands your attention, Mayberry’s message resonates no matter your station in life.

    Oliver David, Dubuque Fighting Saints Assistant Coach
  • Matt was very honest and down to earth. His message is full of practical ideas that can easily be implemented into your everyday routine to live a better life. He reminded our audience that they can be the change agents in their own lives and that the poor decisions of the past don’t have to define you. He left a powerful “I can” impression. He’s a must see!

    Sally Taliani, Ottawa High School Department Chair
  • Matt brings a very passionate and inspirational message. The message itself is simple, yet it’s clear that ultimate success comes from discipline and execution; that’s where Matt delivers with a clear and concise formula to change your mindset and get out of your comfort zone to be the absolute best that you can be.

    Robert Sullivan, CEO and President of Fifth Third Bank (Chicago)
  • Matt spoke at our recent conference and did an outstanding job. He was in fact the highest ranked presenter out of over 20 speakers. He has a rare ability to connect and relate his life lessons to attendees in a way that makes them very relevant and easy to relate to – this ability significantly enhances the attendees experience and sets Matt apart. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering a motivational/inspirational speaker and we look forward to having him speak at future AA-ISP events.

    Larry Reeves, CEO of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals
  • Matt was engaging and sincere as a presenter. His life story is compelling and gives a sense of hope to anyone who struggled with defeat when victory seemed just within grasp. Beyond that he gives practical insights into how we can turn defeats into real life victories.

    Pastor Dennis Meyer, Bethany Church
  • Matt was a wonderful addition to Indiana Tech’s beginning of the year athletic orientation. The student-athletes were able to relate to his personal story and also life lessons that were intertwined throughout his speech. We were ecstatic to him!

    Indiana Tech Athletic Department
  • Matt was a great asset as the Keynote speaker during our “Customer Appreciation Event.” His presentation was beyond motivational and incredibly inspiring to our management and customers. He is by far one of the most inspiring speakers that we’ve had.

  • Matt’s energy, enthusiasm, and passion really captivated the audience. A primary message that Matt delivered was don’t settle for good when greatness is inside you. Since the night of the presentation, I am still hearing positive feedback about Matt and his speech.

    Mike Bongino, Athletic Director, Cold Spring Harbor High School
  • Matt’s passion and energy are unrivaled and can motivate anyone to reach their full potential. We are honored to have heard his message in person.

    Northern Illinois Athletics
  • Matt has made a profound impact on my mental strength which is just important as physical attributes. He really knows how to help someone tap into their inner greatness

    Clay Harbor, TE for the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • When listening to a speaker I want a few things to show prominently. First, I need passion. Second, I need knowledge. Finally, for the third basics I look for in a speaker, I need that person to be a motivator. After speaking alongside Matt Mayberry and Stedman Graham at Barrington High School, I’m sold on Matt’s ability to orally display all three disciplines. Matt’s ability to entertain, motivate, and educate is a unique quality that he possesses.

    Desmond Clark- NFL player for 13 years, former Chicago Bears
  • I can say with confidence, that Matt Mayberry can be an asset to any corporation that wants to take their business to the next level. During a recent lecture, you could hear a ‘pin drop on cotton’ when he spoke about his college days at Indiana University

    Art Norman, NBC5 Chicago News Anchor
  • We all have special gifts in this world. Matt’s ability to stand in front of thousands of people and make a connection with them is one of a kind. Whether he is talking about leading a healthier lifestyle or achieving more success, Matt will give you not only that extra boost needed to go further but show you the steps you need to take.

    Corri Fetman, President of Corri Fetman & Associates, LTD.
  • Matt’s ability to motivate, inspire, and lead people to becoming the best version of themselves is unbelievable!

    Stedman Graham, New York Times bestselling author
  • Our guests swarmed Matt after his keynote, filled our inboxes with messages of gratitude for days after, and still continue to light up their social media networks with Matt’s highly quotable marching orders. What began as a dream to welcome a former Chicago Bear to our community has turned into a paradigm shift in goal-setting and commitment-keeping for our members. Matt Mayberry isn’t a minor celebrity. He’s a thought leader in the realm that matters most – growing through all obstacles to become the best version of yourself.

    Heather Ennis, President and CEO of NWI Forum
  • Matt Mayberry provides great inspiration and motivation for people of all ages. He connects on a personal level regardless of the size of the audience. Listeners are spellbound as Matt motivates them to reach their full potential.

    Becky Skillman, President and CEO Radius Indiana Former LT. Governor of Indiana


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